257 reasons to live

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257 reasons to live

The day when a 30-year-old Jenny Kovrova has overcome a severe disease is not the happiest but conversely the scariest day of her life. Now that she is healthy, she finds out that her boyfriend has been with her only out of pity as he breaks up with her and that her sister who has made some good money on charity fundraising betrays her as well. Moreover, her fellow coworkers did not at all hope that Jenny would recover and haven’t expected her to return. Where should you find strength to start a new life if it hits you that hard?

Her diary is the answer to that question as Jenny accidentally finds a list of 257 wishes there. The wishes are simple and serious, down-to-earth and high flown, essential and childishly naive; this is the bucket list Jenny wanted to turn into reality after her recovery. Now she has 257 reasons to not be scared of issues, develop a different view on life, start it all from scratch, live to the fullest, and get happy after all!