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Yellow, Black and White adapted acclaimed Spanish hit El Barco

03 April 2017
Yellow, Black and White has adapted the popular Spanish TV series The Ship

Yellow, Black and White has adapted the popular Spanish TV series The Ship. The Russian premiere took place on the popular Russian TV channel STS. Following an explosion at a particle accelerator, the Earth has turned into a vast ocean. The Wave Runner training ship managed to escape and set sail the day before the catastrophe. The brave captain Victor Gromov (Dmitry Pevtsov), first mate Yury Rakita (Vladimir Vinogradov) and twenty young sailors have to overcome tasks that nobody had trained them for...

The boat was placed in a huge pavilion that was built specially for the shoot.

Location shooting was done in Greece.

The series contains lots of exciting scenes. The actors spent a lot of time swimming in the open sea, jumping from the boat’s top deck, going down the ropes on the boat’s mast and much more. There were also challenging underwater scenes.

This became quite a popular show in Russia.