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Yellow, Black and White has become a co-owner of KinoKartina.TV

03 April 2017
Yellow, Black and White has become a co-owner of KinoKartina.TV

Film production has become one of Yellow, Black and White’s key activities. The company has become a leading major distributor.

Last year Yellow, Black and White was involved in distributing Russian films in Europe.

Together with Kartina.TV, the studio will show the biggest Russian films abroad.

Yellow, Black and White has become a co-owner of KinoKartina.TV distribution company, which distributes Russian films abroad. Quoting Yellow, Black and White co-owner Eduard Iloyan, the parties have agreed to release the biggest Russian films in Europe and have already shown eleven films.

Kartina.TV is responsible for TV advertising and local distribution, while YBW looks after the content policy and marketing. The partners believe that Russian producers can start making money through distribution for the Russian diaspora. The Last Warrior from Yellow, Black and White and Disney has already been shown in Europe, where it earned about €200 thousand (13.2 million roubles) compared to more than 1.7 billion roubles in Russia.

"Our film industry is growing rapidly, and we have seen a number of high-quality films recently. We are convinced that with a growth in quality, Russian producers will start making good money abroad, while audiences will be able to watch these films, including in cinemas," said the producer.

Distribution company Kinostar Filmverleih GmbH has become a KinoKartina.TV partner in Germany. The company is also working with German cinema chains Cinemax, Cineplex and Kinopolis. Films will be shown in 110 cinemas, including several in Austria and Luxembourg. The company is planning to extend distribution to new territories with significant numbers of Russian speakers, such as Cyprus, United Kingdom, Spain, Israel and the United States.