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Launch of the START project!

03 April 2017
Yellow, Black and White Studio announces the launch of the START project

Yellow, Black and White Studio announces the launch of the START project — a next-generation ОТТ service combining the creation and distribution of Russian language content around the world.

START’s key task is to create original TV series and full-length films in partnership with leading production centres, TV channels, media groups and then release them online on its own online service.

General producer of Yellow, Black and White and co-founder of START Eduard Iloyan:

The idea of setting up the first studio in Russia with ОТТ distribution came up in Yellow, Black and White a long time ago. On the one hand, we are relying on the success of our films and TV shows online, while on the other, we are convinced that a paid service «without borders» with exclusive content for the whole Russian-speaking world will be in great demand. We have so far made and are ready to release three original TV series, ten are in production and even more in different stages of development. In addition, START plans to show long-awaited television franchises and new shows on Catch Forward TV.

Unlike the classic model of online cinemas that aggregate as much rented content as possible, START finances original ideas and generates a copyright library for products created within the system, thereby providing capitalization for itself and project co-producers.

The online service START.RU is being developed to distribute content to the international market, and it will be available on all popular platforms (SMART TV, IOS, Android, Mobile, stb.). The service uses innovative effective technology to create an app ecosystem, including a recommendation system for managing the viewer’s attention.