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Sober Cab — now in Theaters

19 March 2019
Sober Cab  - now in Theatres

The film became one of the most popular Russian comedies in 2019.

Artem, a young naive small-town guy, visits his friend in Moscow hoping to make his dream of a beautiful life come true, but he has to help the friend first in his bizarre night job of a designated driver. At the first night, he picks up the beautiful girl Christina from a nightclub, and a misunderstanding leads to Artem ending up with her in a hotel room. Having completely forgotten of the last night’s events, Christina confuses him with a young millionaire, and he, in his turn, is in no hurry to disappoint her. With every new date, Artem is falling in love with her more and more, but getting out of the ridiculous situation is becoming more difficult.