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26 April 2023

The creators of the picture decided to expand the fabulous cinematic universe and tell the prehistory of the beloved characters of the films "The Last Warrior", "The Last Warrior. The Root of Evil" and "The Last Warrior: Messenger of Darkness". This time in the center of the plot is the most daring and irresistible hero of the White Mountains, the Finist Clear Falcon: all the other heroes are equal to him, the children want to be like him, and the girls just look at him.

Dmitry Dyachenko, director: "I am very happy to start shooting a new history of the universe "The Last Hero" called "Finist. The first Warrior". On the one hand, because this is a completely new story. Of course, Finist and Baba Yaga are well—known characters who came to us from other parts, but the main character is so different that, despite the fact that I shot the first three parts, it is very interesting for me to get to work.