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15 May 2023

According to the plot, Victor (Anton Batyrev), a successful businessman, a former doctor, illegally returns to the hospital to help his mother who has fallen ill with COVID-19. Risking his life and freedom, trying to figure out what it is, he, together with the medical team, helps the hospital to better prepare for the impact of the pandemic.

"I dedicated this film to my mom. She gave 53 years to medicine. At the age of 70 — the whole pandemic — she stood at the reception desk, risking her life and health. When I asked, “Why are you doing this?”, she replied: “Well, how am I going to leave them all here!”. I'm sure there were a lot of such people, and the film is just another small opportunity to say “thank you” to them! If you are surrounded by such people, we will cope with even the most difficult challenges," says the author of the idea, general producer and co—founder of the online cinema START Alexey Trotsyuk.

The main block, in which the action takes place in a hospital, was filmed in an inactive sanatorium in the Moscow region. Ventilators and special medical equipment were ordered to reliably recreate the hospital's scenery.