Love Me or Hate Me
Love Me or Hate Me

Love Me or Hate Me

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    romantic comedy
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Love Me or Hate Me

The story hinges on love triangle. Alexey and Alena are going to get married. But one day Alexey met Ira. She is a famous journalist. Her mode of life and adventurism turned Alexey’s head. Because of Ira, he realised that life could be more colourful.

But will Alexey be able to leave Alena and to begin new life with Ira? After all Alena loves him.

Shootings took place in Moscow, St Petersburg and Paris.

Klim Shipenko
General producers
Eduard Iloyan, Vitaliy Shliappo, Alexey Trotsuk, Denis Jalinskiy, Nikita Trinkin
Mikhail Tkachenko, Olga Kochetkova
Maksim Matveev, Svetlana Hodchenkova, Lubov Aksenova, Sergey Gazarov, Maksim Victorgan, Yuriy Kolokolnikov, Nikita Panfilov